The New Primal

The New Primal marinades, sauces, condiments, dressings, seasonings, and beef sticks are a GAME CHANGER for your Whole30 and Food Freedom. Have you ever tried to find sauces without added sugar in the grocery store? Only a few brands don’t sneak it in to the long list of ingredients and I believe The New Primal does it best! I like to use the buffalo and BBQ sauces to add a boost of flavor to grilled and crock pot chicken. Also, definitely ditch your fruit and nut bars for their protein sticks. Packed with protein these are the perfect emergency snack to keep you full until your next meal. Check out their website and the NEW products (just launched) below:

To get 15% off your first order use code “LESBIANSCOOKINGCLEAN” at checkout!

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